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Mount your GoPro to this new Dive Mask from XS Scuba

GoPro mount for scuba dive and snorkel mask

Just in today at Scubahaus, the GoMask from XS Scuba. Mount your camera to your forehead, turn on the video, and forget about it! This has been our most requested accessory, and is the best way to mount your GoPro for hands-free underwater recording.

The GoMask comes in clear silicone with blue frame, or black silicone with black frame. The mount itself is solid stainless steel. Use your own bolt to attach your GoPro, but don’t worry about the nut, the bolt screws directly into the mount.

Stop by the shop and try one on, I just tried it out and even with my whiskers I got great suction.

Can’t wait to try this thing out in the ocean!

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