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One of our best fitting and most popular goggles, the Aqua Sphere Vista offers 180 degree panoramic vision. With their proprietary Quick-Fit strap adjustments, fitting the strap is a breeze.

Although a bit larger than traditional goggles, we like the Aqua Sphere Vista because the seal sits higher on your forehead and lower on your cheeks, and won’t leave rings around your eyes like some goggles. By not sitting on the soft tissue close to your eyes, the Vista has a consistently great suction without the mark of “raccoon eyes” after your pool workout or ocean swim.

In addition to their UV coating, they are also coated to be scratch and fog resistant.

For a fog-free swim, put them on before you get in the water and try to keep the inside of the lens dry.  The anti-fog coating will work for a couple months, so try not to rub the inside of the lens!

After a little while, the anti-fog coating wears off, at which point you can start using some anti-fog drops.

Made in Italy. Latex Free.

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Clear Lens/Blue Frame, Clear Lens/Red Frame, Smoke Lens/Blue Frame, Smoke Lens/Green/Black Frame

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