Speedo Hydrospex Classic



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Speedo’s bestselling goggle, hypoallergenic silicone seal with built in antifog and UV protection

Billed as “the world’s bestselling goggle,” this simple one-piece goggle fits most people.  The nosepiece can be a bit problematic for people with bigger noses, but if you’ve used this goggle before and it has worked for you in the past, it’s a good one to stick with.

This goggle is available with tinted lenses, and even the Clear lenses have built-in UV protection.

The Hydrospex goggle comes with an anti-fog coating, so it’s best not to rub or wipe the inside of the lenses.  After a few months, the anti-fog coating starts to wear off, then it’s ok to start using anti-fog drops.

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Smoke, Blue Iced, Clear

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